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About The Event


The 3rd TYBA Yacht Charter Show will be temporarly replaced by TYBA Online Yacht Meet in 2021 due to the pandemic. Aiming to cater to high demand from both brokers and yacht owners , TYBA Online Yacht Meet will bring together  yachting industry professionals via scheduled meetings software on an online setting between 22-29 May 2021.



Commercial yachts operating out of Turkey consist of a variety of yacht types, including locally built Gulets, which means opportunities for reaching out to and offering exciting vacation products and travel experiences to clients within all budget ranges. The TYBA Yacht Chater Show not only provides the most convenient opportunity to view the best yachts in the region but also acts as a hub for networking with local contacts and learning about the plethora of attractions available within Turkey.

Various seminars will be held during the show to familiarize brokers with Destination Turkey – an exciting global destination that has so very much to offer visiting charter guests. Do not miss on this opportunity to learn about all aspects of yachting in Turkey.


In the yachting industry, each yacht is unique in its own way and therefore marketing and exposing a charter yacht is the key to not only start building up a charter broker and client base but also to maintain and enrich the foundation for the future.

The organisers of the TYBA show represent the majority of Turkish yachting professionals with the strongest network of international brokers, making this show the ultimate show for charter yachts to attend in Turkey.


Yachts and brokers participating at the TYBA Charter Show are the trend setters of the industry and therefore represent a valuable audience that are naturally interested in your products and services and will also end up automatically referring you to other industry professionals.

Exhibiting at the show will provide not only an excellent opportunity to introduce your company to crew members but also to charter brokers who actually suggest itinerary highlights to their guests right from the start while clients are actively booking and planning their cruise. Exhibiting at the TYBA Charter Show guarantees increased market exposure for your company.